Products of Hutsul masters

Косівська мальована кераміка

Kosiv painted ceramics

Дівчина у вовняній хустці

Woolen handkerchiefs

Дівчина з прикрасою з бісеру на шиї

Jewelry made of beads

Ткані попрушки

Woven straps

Дерев‘яна інкрустована скринька

Inlaid wood products

Рамка для фото з малюнком на склі

Painting on glass

Теплі, вовняні шкарпетки на фоні ниток

Wool products

Ілюстрація стелажа з керамічним збанком на ньому

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Chichka is a Hutsul word that means a flower or just something beautiful

Дівчата в національних гуцульских костюмах на фоні церкви
Дівчата у вишиванках з гуцульським виробом в руках на фоні ріки
Мапа України з ненесеним розташування міста Косів

What’s a good word? We are Tanya and Roksolana sisters. Four years ago we created a Hutsul products related store.

We cooperate with local craftsmen and create our own products.

History begins in Kosovo - our native city, which has been a center of Hutsul handicrafts for a long time and where modern craftsmen continue and reinterpret the traditions of the ancestors.

And we make these wares more reachable for you.
So that you know their history and peculiarities, value and employ them and pass them on to the future generations.

About us

About the goods

In Chichka, we have collected traditional handicrafts of local artisans, which fit nicely into our current life and are a constant reminder of who we are and where we come from.

Ілюстрація орнаменту з косівської кераміки

Explore yourself

Our products reflect the outlook, lifestyle and culture of our ancestors. We constantly immerse ourselves in the history and biographies of the founders of the craftsmen. We learn from them, imitate and reassess them.

Ілюстрація орнаменту з косівської кераміки

Inspired by the Hutsuls aesthetic

Hutsul is a flavor in everything: music, dance, clothes, home decoration and household items. Everything they touch should be nice and colorful, so that you can't take your eyes off it.

Ілюстрація гуцульского керамічного виробу

Tradition in modernity

We want traditional products to become a part of our modern life. Not only because it is a tradition, but also because these are high-quality and durable products that you will be happy to use, decorate your home with, transform yourself along with your life.

Our mission is to popularize Hutsul culture through its craft. To show the masters, dwelling on their creations, to spread them around the world, so that everyone abroad knows at what a high level our culture is. And the first thing is the Ukrainians themselves.


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Mrs. Iryna

Good day, I already took it and I couldn’t be dissatisfied with it. I haven't let go of it since Sunday, the rest of the mugs have faded into the background. A big difference about handmade ceramics is that it gives a special charm and even pleasure to tea. Thank you very much, from now on, if the dishes are new, then only Kosiv dishes.

Mrs. Daria

Good evening! I am very sorry for answering you so late, I completely forgot to write back 🥲
I picked up the strap last week and even managed to walk it once) I'm very satisfied with the purchase, I've wanted a woven belt for a long time and now I finally have it 🥰 I will wear it now every time I go out to meet people) thank you very much!
Have a peaceful day too 💖

Mrs. Hanna

Dear Roksolana and Tatiana! Hope you are healthy and all is well.
We remember you with gratitude every day! There are no tastier dumplings than from Kosiv bowls, there is no tastier herbal tea than from Kosiv teapots and mugs. And how delicious coffee is when it is brewed in a mug! We thank you!

Ms. Ivanka

Good afternoon, I wanted to thank you very, very much for the shawls. You are great people who support our Hutsul culture and traditions. Happiness is overfilling me, like a little child.

Mrs. Oksana

Congratulations, thank you, the slippers are great, I don't want to take them off at all now. Working from home has become cozier and warmer thanks to you.

Mrs. Veronica

Good afternoon, I took the sylyanka, she is incredible! Thank you very much for your work, for the wonderful design, I will wear it with pleasure and wish your shop prosperity!

Mrs. Natalia

I received the package. Silyanka is simply incredible
And a handkerchief
I'm terribly excited! Everything is very beautiful and very warm to me. Thank you very much for your work. It inspires when you get it. And the postcard is in my heart's collection

Mr. Taras

Good evening)
The box is simply incredible, it is a masterpiece!

Answers to frequently asked questions

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  • What are the delivery options in Ukraine and abroad?

    We ship orders within three working days in Ukraine and within five working days abroad.
    We ship within Ukraine by Nova Poshta, abroad by Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta. Delivery is paid by the recipient.
    You can read more about delivery and payment here

  • Will my product break during delivery?

    Packaging of ceramic products and frames on glass throughout Ukraine is handled by Nova Poshta, so they are responsible for the integrity of the products and in case of damage, reimburses their cost. After ordering these products, we additionally send you a message clarifying that you need to check the integrity of the products at the post office and, in case of damage, draw up an act with the postal workers.

  • Can I see your products live?

    Yes, you can visit the coffee shop in Lviv and see our products and buy and choose from the assortment available there.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us in a way convenient for you

We also invite you to the Chichka coffee shop in Lviv at the address of Heroiv UPA street, 78 to look at our products and taste the cakes.

Інтер‘єр кав‘ярні з яскравим килимом на стіні
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